A busy June

  • We have had one of our Students Pass his PPL(A) Skill Test.
  • 4 x Students completed their Mock examinations ready to apply to sit 4 Theory Subject examinations in July.
  • And lots of visitors in the month completing 10 Familiarization Flights, and several tourist Flights too, even from a Flight Simulation Company who thoroughly enjoyed their experience. “Flying the Real thing.”
  • Congratulations one of our young Aviators he completed his first Solo!
  • Also, a visit to Barcelona to the AGM of the FEWP – Federation of European Women Pilots where the Visit to Cyprus by the Ladies was confirmed for May 2020.
July so far;
  • Congratulations to 4 of our Students, who passed their Theory Examinations last week. 4 down 5 to go and are now working towards their next examinations planned for September and October.
  • One of our young Aviators is being put through his paces getting him ready for his Solo Navigation, having completed his first solo last month.
  • Intensive Flight Training for one Pilot getting him ready for his FI Rating.
  • One New student has started his Theory training, and another is about to.
  • And 6 Familiarization Flight so far and a few site seeing flights too and we still have a few days to go.

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