The aim of the Multi-Engine Piston (MEP-Land) Class Rating course is to train the pilot to fly safely and efficiently under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) in Multi Engine Piston Land aeroplanes.

Pre-entry Requirements

Before commencing the MEP (L) Class rating course at Griffon Aviation, a pilot shall:

  • Hold a valid Pilot License issued in accordance with Part-FCL
  • Hold a valid medical certificate issued in accordance with Part-MED
  • Have completed at least 70 hours flight time as Pilot in Command on Aeroplanes
  • Show evidence of English Language Proficiency at least equal to ICAO Level 4

The Course

  • Theoretical Knowlege

The MEP (L) Class Rating course includes a minimum of 7 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction in the form of long briefings, integrated with the flight training and delivered by the flight instructor. Upon completing the theoretical knowledge the applicant shall pass the theoretical knowledge examination paper with 75% covering mainly the Multi Engine aspects before the Skill Test is attempted. This test takes place in our facilities at Pafos Airport.

  • Flight Training

Flight training comprises 6 hours of dual flight instruction, of which at least 3.5 hours will be instruction in engine failure procedures and asymmetric flight techniques. An optional extra hour of asymmetric circuit training by night may be added to the course if the applicant holds a night rating.

Credits from previous experience

In accordance with article 8 of EU Regulation 1178/2011, a pilot who holds a license issued by an ICAO contracting state that includes MEP (L) privileges may receive credit towards the flight and/or theoretical knolwledge training for the Part-FCL MEP (L) Class Rating. Any credit given will be determined by the Authority on the basis of a recommendation from the Head of Training.

Course Duration - Cost

The duration to complete the course is expected to take approximately one week on a full time basis. Training can be stretched over a longer period of time taking into consideration work commitements that the applicant might have. We at Griffon can accomodate the training to meet the needs of individuals.

The cost of the MEP (L) is €2570 and is based on the minimum training requirements( flight training of 6 hours). Price also includes all theoretical instruction of 7 hours, VAT(19%), instructor and landing fees where applicable. If any training is required over and above the course hours the applicant will be charged the aircraft hourly rate. Skill test, exam and DCA fees are not included on the above price.

Should you require any further information related to this course, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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